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Support - Applications

No! You only need to purchase apps once; you may then run the apps on all of your Control4 touch screens and TVs. Keep in mind that you may need to do a 4Store Update (More > 4Store Update) on each Navigator to install your newly-purchased app.

4Store apps will only run on apps-enabled touch screens, which all of the original Control4 touch screens. However, the new Control4 T3 Series touch screens are not capable of running 4Store apps.

App developers decide which display resolutions and Navigator types to support, so some apps work on all Navigators, while other apps work only on 5" and 7" touch screens or on-screen displays.

After logging in to 4Store, click My Apps, click Contact Developer next to the app title, then fill out the on-screen message form and click Submit. This message will be sent directly to the app developer.

No. Currently, only free apps are available for installation. If you previously purchased a 4Store app, that app will still be available for use on your system.

No. The operating systems on these devices do not support 4Store apps.

No. Control4 has discontinued the 4Store Developer Program and only the current selection of apps is being maintained.