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Why Should I Develop Apps for the Control4® Platform?

  • Consider what Control4 customers invest in their smart homes. It's a no-brainer to buy apps to enhance that investment.
  • Developers have already made hundreds of thousands of dollars with apps serving the Control4 customer base. You could enjoy that revenue potential too.
  • 4Store is part of the core Control4® platform, and ships on virtually every controller that we sell.
  • We've delivered over 1.2 million ZigBee control devices, more than any other manufacturer in the world.
  • Control4 has partnered with top CE manufacturers like Pioneer and LG to embed our technology in their products. Those products should include your work too!
  • Leverage our channel. We've got retail support from Best Buy, over 1,600 Custom Installers and distribution in over 50 countries.
  • Do the green thing (environmentally and financially). We're working with utilities around the world to help customers manage their energy use.
  • Oprah thinks we're cool.
  • Liberate your app from the shackles of a mobile phone screen. Strut your stuff in HD!